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Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA)

The Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) offered by the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management Inc. – UWI is a two (2) year, highly participative and intense programme, intended for experienced executives who have the determination and focus to succeed and who want to maximise their development opportunities.

With over two decades of experience, this programme gives participants the opportunity to explore the latest management thinking, acquire knowledge and skills in all areas of general management and gain insight into specialist areas through a wide-ranging portfolio of courses.

The programme places a strong emphasis on group learning, teamwork and skill development to equip its graduates with the competencies to meet the challenges of business in today’s ever changing environment. Within each class, participants have the opportunity to share experiences with a peer group of the highest calibre, whose diversity and maturity add to the programme’s distinctive edge and who provide each other with a valuable network throughout the region. 

Programme Aims

The programme is designed to:

  • provide participants with the required tools for strategic thinking and decision-making;
  • give participants the knowledge and skill-set necessary for them to manage their organisations’ operations for productivity and performance;
  • strengthen communication skills through the utilisation of presentations and written projects;
  • integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of business through case analyses and projects;
  • provide participants with opportunities for networking and the exchange of diverse business ideas and experiences among themselves;
  • Expose participants to the value of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in a learning environment. 

Programme Structure

The EMBA programme offers three concentrations or streams that allow participants to choose the area of study that is most relevant to their needs. These streams include General Management, Human Resource Management and Public Sector Management. Within each stream the programme follows the same structure: 


While these courses are not for credit and therefore do not offer a grade that adds to the final qualification, they are compulsory. They provide each individual with different sets of skills that are necessary for them to adequately function as the programme progresses. 




This EMBA programme includes the provision for the award of a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration to participants who have completed the four compulsory workshops and twenty-four (24) credits (8 courses) from core courses in the programme and wish to exit at that stage. Such participants would be permitted to upgrade to the MBA within a two (2)-year period and will be required to complete the remaining nine (9) core credits (3 courses), three (3) elective credits (1 course) and the six (6) credits comprehensive Research Project. 

Entry Requirements

The programme seeks candidates who are:

  • graduates of an approved university or have, in the opinion of UWI, an equivalent  professional qualification;
  • graduates of the CHSB/UWI Executive Diploma in Management (EDM) programmes;
  • holders of professional designations such as: CMA, ACCA, FLMI, or other equivalent professional qualifications approved by UWI;
  • normally have at least five (5) years of relevant management experience;
  • senior managers or are headed for senior management and can commit themselves to a rigorous and flexible two-year programme for their personal development as managers.

Persons who do not meet academic or work experience requirements may be admitted by the UWI’s Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of a selection panel comprising a sub-committee of Graduate Studies and a representative of the Cave Hill School of Business. This panel, in evaluating an application, may interview the applicant and will take into account the applicant’s academic record, the results of the interview with the applicant, referees’ reports and other aspects of the applicant’s work history. 

Programme Cost

Fee (inclusive of tuition, examinations, in-class refreshment and lunch during residency periods- Bds$31,600 (US$15,800)

Fees can be paid in full or in installments. Participants who may have problems adhering to the payment schedule as outlined may discuss the matter with the Programme Director.

Programme Resources


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