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International Masters in Business Administration (IMBA)

The Cave Hill School of Business’ MBA International programme prepares its graduates for dynamic careers and leadership positions in large or small organisations throughout the world. The curriculum synthesises the best of both professional and liberal education. 

The programme takes into account trends in MBA education around the world and is structured to allow participants to acquire competence in Spanish as a foreign language. The method of delivery relies on a diverse mixture of international, regional and local lecturers. Our international facilitators bring to the programme research, teaching and consulting styles from European, Asian and North American perspectives while our local and regional facilitators add their rich knowledge about the complex and rapidly changing business environment of the Caribbean, Latin America and other countries facing similar challenges. 

Like any graduate level programme, the pace is fast. For each of the thirty six (36) contact hour, the participant should make an average of three (3) to four (4) hours available for the following: textbook readings, supplementary readings, course assignments, team projects, study and review for the final examinations. 


Programme Objectives

The programme is designed to:

  • provide participants with the required tools for strategic thinking and decision-making;
  • broaden participants’ understanding of the global socio-economic context in which businesses operate;
  • help participants to recognise international best practices for integration to their local environment;
  • give participants the knowledge and skill-set necessary for them to manage their organisations’ operations for productivity and performance;
  • strengthen communication skills through the utilisation of presentations and written projects;
  • integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of international business through a practicum, study tour (optional)  and case analyses;
  • provide participants with opportunities for networking and the exchange of diverse business ideas and experiences;
  • Provide a working knowledge of Spanish;
  • Expose participants to the value of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a learning environment.



Programme Structure

The IMBA programme is conducted in a modular format. The structure of the programme is as follows: 





The Practicum is a practical intervention in an organization utilising sound research methodology. It is designed to give the participants an opportunity to apply the learnings gained from the various courses covered in the programme. 

A STUDY TOUR (optional)

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about life and business in another country. As part of the study tour they will spend two weeks visiting companies -large and small, meeting with government officials and conducting research. 


Participants can pursue one course in their subject area of emphasis that is not offered by the UWI at selected extra-regional universities. These arrangements are made under exchange agreements between UWI and the University and any additional cost is borne by the participant. 


Entry Requirements

The programme seeks candidates who: 

  • hold at a minimum an undergraduate degree from an approved university or have, in the opinion of UWI, and equivalent professional qualification 

Persons who do not meet academic or work experience requirements may be admitted by the UWI’s Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of a selection panel comprising a sub-committee of Graduate Studies and a representative of the Cave Hill School of Business. This panel, in evaluating an application, may interview the applicant and will take into account the applicant’s academic record, the results of the interview with the applicant, referees’ reports and other aspects of the applicant’s work history.


Programme Cost

Fee (inclusive of tuition, examinations, in-class refreshment and lunch during residency periods- Bds$34,000 (US$17,000).

Programme Resources


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