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December 2019

Mon 09
Part of a series. Not presented separately. With this module, participants will learn how to gain maximum results from their marketing process. It focuses on practical organizational issues and ensures that participants understand the fundamentals of consumer behavior.

January 2020

Tue 14
Part of a series. Not presented separately. This penultimate module focuses on participants’ ability to think strategically, analyze information and make decisions. They will work in groups to analyze case study scenarios, identify options, evaluate them, present findings and justify their decisions.

February 2020

Wed 19
Part of a series. Not presented separately. This final module is a critical component of the programme that will require participants to prepare a comprehensive project for a brand, product or service. It will challenge participants to practice sound decision making by employing the analytical and business tools that would have been learnt in the programme, and to make effective presentations to colleagues and decision makers.