Data-Driven Decision Making: Using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Organizational Success


The Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management- The University of the West Indies is offering a two (2) day workshop on “Data-Driven Decision Making” with the following objectives.

  •          To share with executives and senior managers, new management tools and techniques for harvesting and utilizing data to make better business decisions.
  •          To demonstrate how this information can also be used to: enhance the organization’s ability to:

                   -          increase profits and efficiency;

                   -          engage and retain customers;

                   -          become operationally efficient; and

                   -          build capacity.



By the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the world of difference on the impact on OKRs between data-driven data science/AI organizations and those “...using analytics” or relying on Business Intelligence (BI) software
  • Justify the necessity of the toolset of the data-driven organizations to wit:

                 -          Formulating waste elimination plans using statistical process control (SPC),

                 -          Supporting daily decisions using predictions derived from mathematical and statistical modeling,

                 -          Using case studies to demonstrate the value of executing the decisions in the framework of lean project management,

                 -          Examining the practicality of deploying an Artificial Intelligence (AI), and

                 -          Examining the use of automation to reduce HR burdens, increase productivity, and reduce rework.

  • Construct plans to identify the data already available to their organization.
  • Diagram plans to start leveraging current infrastructure to begin influencing key decisions in your organizations.
  • Design end-to-end open source solutions.
  • Contrast the benefits, practicality, and comparative costs of deploying the end-to-end open source data framework as opposed to paying usurious license fees for BI solutions.



  •          Artificial Intelligence
  •          Data science, in the framework of project management techniques
  •          Waste elimination using SPC
  •          Constructing or leveraging an affordable data science team
  •          One on one data science consultation



  •          Your company, blockchain and the future.



This program is designed for senior decision makers across the spectrum of industries in both the private and public sector. Executives and senior management professionals desirous of developing their understanding of data science and incorporating new methodologies, strategies and technology into their decision making.   



The facilitation team for this initiative will comprise of

  • Mr. Roland Haggins, Executive in Residence, Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management and CARICOM Director and Country Manager, Aion – The Third Generation Blockchain Network.
  • Dr. Andre Mayers, Senior Blockchain Data Scientist, Aion; 13+ years of delivering distributed data solutions in multi-national corporations, 20+ years corporate and tertiary trading, well-published novel statistical and mathematical AI algorithms.