Entrepreneurship Boot Camp


The objective of the programme is to equip 16 – 21 year olds with the skills to start their own business by turning an idea into a sustainable and scalable entity that has an increased chance of survival.



By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  •          Evaluate the feasibility of their business idea;
  •          Outline the needs and wants of their customers;
  •          Prepare a successful Business Plan;
  •          Assess the nine (9) parts of their Business Model, identifying any problems and finding plausible solutions;
  •          Employ the Business Model Canvas as a tool for developing their business;
  •          “Get out of the building” to accelerate product/ market fit and customer validation.



This programme will be delivered using a team approach. The facilitators are experienced serial entrepreneurs who are passionate about the development of successful and sustainable businesses. They are: 

  • Mr. Chris Harper – Notes to Note Inc.
  • Mr. Adrian Reid – LegaciGlobal
  • Mr. Corey McClean – Sips Smoothie Bar



In completing this programme participants will build their skills in several areas of business start–up including: 

  • Introduction to Startups
  • Customer Development
  • Value Proposition and Customer Segments
  • Channels and Customer Acquisition and Activation
  • Customer Relationships
  • Get/Keep/Grow
  • Revenue Model
  • Key Partners, Key Resources and Costs
  • Training, Practice and Presentation of Business Models

Participants will present their business models, value proposition and all other fundamental aspects associated with the training, to the facilitation team and their peers in the programme