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Giving and Receiving Feedback

The ability to effectively give and receive feedback is extremely useful within cultures and environments that seek to promote and encourage learning and development. While giving positive feedback can be done fairly easily, many people find it extremely difficult to provide others with negative feedback on their attitudes, work, performance or progress in general. All feedback must be delivered carefully and frequently, and should be presented in a respectful, genuine, supportive manner and may include both positive and negative observations. 

It is important to remember that receiving feedback allows us the opportunity to act on it and become more effective and productive individuals. This programme is designed to provide participants with the tools to effectively give and receive both positive and negative feedback from others. 



This programme is designed so that by completion participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback
  • Utilise various tools for giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Improve their ability to communicate what is intended to others
  • Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence in dealing with others



This programme is designed for individuals who are responsible for effectively communicating with both their direct reports and seniors information on their work performance and progress. This can include managers, supervisors, senior executives or other professionals who want to improve their ability to deliver and accept positive and negative feedback from and to others.



This programme will utilise a participative methodology with practical examples and exercises playing an integral part. Theories and concepts will also be shared and discussed.



In completing this programme participants will cover several areas including: 

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • The role of feedback in performance management



Conference and Training Facility, Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management, Cave Hill, Barbados


January 23, 2017


9:00 am – 4:30 pm


BDS$500.00/ US$250.00 

This fee is payable by the Registration Deadline and covers the cost of all programme materials and catered meals (break and lunch) for each day.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday 16th January, 2017