Leadership Development Programme for High Potential Managers (Module 3 of 10)


On successful completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  •          Explain clearly the role of a leader and how it varies from that of a manager.
  •          Discuss behavioural preference and emotional intelligence as tools for effective leadership.
  •          Demonstrate an understanding of critical project management knowledge and tools.
  •          Utilize motivation tools and techniques to effectively manage and inspire others.
  •          Assess strategically and accurately, corporate challenges and make the best decisions based on the information available. 
  •          Recognize the importance of the dynamics of teams and how best they can be used to achieve goals.




This is an interactive programme that uses the principles of reflective action and adult learning to ensure that participants are able to achieve the level of growth desired. Psychometric assessments will be used to establish a baseline and provide insight into your individual preferences, strengths, capabilities and potential as a leader. In session group exercises, discussions and feedback sessions, will all be heavily utilized throughout the delivery of the programme and participants will continually be required to build on and put the knowledge shared into practice both in and outside of the training room.



This programme is targeted to individuals who are senior supervisors, mid-level managers and those interested in advancing their professional career to take on a c-suite role in the organisation.  This man or woman is personally committed to enhancing their value and effectiveness as a leader and has an interest in better understanding their individual capabilities and developing strategies to use this uniqueness to their advantage and to the advantage of their organisations.