Personal Financial Planning


This programme is designed so that by completion participants will be able to:

  •   Recognize their spending habits and the factors that influence them
  •   Apply the concepts taught to set and budget for financial goals
  •   Distinguish the difference between their wants and needs
  •   Identify various money management styles
  •   Describe banking, credit and the loan process
  •   Explain risk management



This programme is designed for individuals interested in better navigate the issues they will face in the increasingly complex financial world.



This programme will utilize a comprehensive case study that depicts the real life issues with which an individual or family has to navigate. Role play will be incorporated to reinforce some concepts along with some lecturing on the theory. Tools to be used during the session will include budget worksheets, loan amortization schedules and net salary schedules.



The areas to be covered include:

  • Financial Psychology
  • Changing your financial Behaviour
  • Money Management Styles
  • Account Management
  • Loans, Insurance, Debit and Credit Cards


Fee covers the cost of all programme materials and catered meals (break and lunch) for each day.