The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (CEE) exists to holistically and strategically manage SCHSBM’s activities that help to create a more vibrant entrepreneurship culture in Barbados and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean. 
To accomplish this, the CEE partners with several business support organizations to promote a more innovative attitude toward entrepreneurship and a greater focus on helping established businesses grow into entities that can successfully compete regionally and internationally.
With the focus on Barbados becoming “the entrepreneurial hub of the world by 2020”, the role of CEE is more critical than ever as we move towards a society that is less resumé driven and more focused on recognizing entrepreneurship as critical to the stimulation of growth and ultimate employment of persons in the region.
Increasingly, it is new and small or medium-sized firms, rather than large ones, that are the major providers of new jobs as more persons create their own sources employment.
The activities being conducted by the CEE include:

  • FINPYME Initiatives
  • USAID JOBS Project
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
  • Comprehensive Online Portal for SMEs and Resource Centre

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