Young Professionals on the Path to Success

The young professionals asked for it and we delivered...successfully! For the second time!

On Saturday, 17th January, 2015, the First Citizen sponsored Young Professionals Programme: Succeeding at Work was offered to a diverse group of young aspiring professionals. The session commenced at 9:15 am and was a source of excitement, learning and sharing of experiences for both participants and presenters. The workshop got a passing grade as it was reported to be interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking.

The first presenter, Ms. Sanella Sandford captured the attention of the participants, during her segment - Speaking and Writing for Business Purposes. Through her extensive background in human resources and her current job position as Human Resources Analyst, Massy (Barbados) Ltd, Ms. Sandford was adequately prepared to shed light on the professional and acceptable standards of business communication. She provided short exercises for the group which highlighted the pitfalls to be avoided when communicating with one’s manager, colleague or external customers.

“Entertaining, informative and exciting” were the words used by participant, Ms. Ann-Marie Fergus, to describe the lively segment, Personal Mastery. This presentation was delivered by Mr. Unri Babb – Consultant Project Researcher –IADB/ Skills for the Future. Mr. Babb highlighted seven career objectives, of which every individual should be aware as he/she pursues a career goal. He challenged the participants to take a critical look at life and gain an understanding of how they intended to move forward, grow and develop. He also commended the entire group for embracing the Young Professionals Programme as an opportunity for development and stated that it was a significant insight into their level of commitment to their professional aspirations.

Mrs. Siobhan Robinson-Morris, Human Resources Manager – Banks Breweries and Banks Distribution Limited, delivered a presentation on Image Management. The forty-five minute segment was thoroughly enjoyed by the group members who emitted continuous laughter as a result of Mrs. Robinson-Morris’ witty anecdotes and animated descriptions. The session, although filled with comedy, provided serious content which inspired deep discussions and allowed for individual introspection.

Along with the above mentioned, Mr. Egbert Irving, Programme Manager – Strategic Business Services, discussed Positive Work Ethic and Working Well with Others and encouraged the participants to “be authentic and one's true self”. Mr. Sheldon Browne, Brand Marketing Consultant – Efficient Consulting & Management (ECM) Inc ended the session with a profound perspective of Managing Your Brand on Social Media Network.