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About the Programme

The MSc. Banking and Finance equips graduates with advanced knowledge of banking and finance concepts, as they develop practical skills to succeed in a highly competitive and rapidly changing sector.  This programme also caters to those individuals who desire formal academic qualifications to bolster their work experience in the banking and finance industry.


  • 18 months full time or 24 months part time

Programme Delivery Modality

  • Fully online

Programme Structure

The programme will consist of a core set of modules covering the basic tools and techniques required by all Banking and Finance specialists, followed by modules allowing for some level of concentration in a particular field of Banking and Finance.  The practicum will be conducted at a relevant institution and would allow students to utilize the theoretical skills acquired during the programme.  The programme concludes with a research paper which will allow students to conceptualize and implement a research project.

The nine (9) core courses (3 credits each), one (1) elective course (3 credits), practicum (6 credits) and a research paper (9 credits) totaling 45 credits.


    • Accounting for Managerial Decision Making
    • Corporate Finance
    • Research Methods for Business and Social Studies
    • Financial Markets and Institutions
    • Quantitative Methods/Quantitative Methods for Management
    • Investment and Analysis Portfolio Management on the Caribbean
    • Legal and Ethical Environment of Wealth Management
    • Research Paper
    • Treasury, Foreign Exchange and Trade/International Trade and Exchange
    • Risk Management of Financial Institutions
    • Derivatives
    • Advanced Corporate Finance
    • Practicum
    • Caribbean Integration and the CSME

You will discover:

  • The drivers of success at the highest levels of banking and finance
  • Knowledge and skills in specialist areas such as Real Estate and Corporate Finance.
  • Techniques for performing sound financial analysis and modelling
  • The power of Bloomberg – a facility for accessing real time stock market and investment data, as well as an analytics and trading tool. Bloomberg is a gateway to practical, real-time investment experience.



The Practicum/Internship in the MSc Banking and Finance programme provides an opportunity for students to apply the tools and techniques acquired through their course of study to some real-world problem in the workplace.  Students are normally placed in a financial institution or a related business and assigned a supervisor, and then the student helps with the research at the institution.



Several distinguished professors teach in this area including Professor Troy Lorde who received the Principal’s Award for Excellence in Research (2016) and Professor Winston Moore who received that same award in 2012.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include:

  • Bank Manager
  • Financial Trader
  • Investment Manager
  • Fund Manager
  • Financial Economist
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Risk Analyst

Additional Information

The Department of Economics which is primarily responsible for the delivery of the MSc. Banking and Finance programme plays a key role in training the next generation of decision-makers. The Department’s teaching incorporates local, regional and international perspectives and has a global reach.  According to RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), the Department of Economics is ranked in the top 10% of Economic Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Many former students in the Department have gone on to pursue careers in finance (e.g. commercial banks, international banks, finance companies), to name a few. Additionally, careers can also be found in industry, government and international financial institutions, (Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, International Monetary Fund) among others.

Given the excellent teaching, beautiful environment and our warm and friendly people, it is no wonder students view the Cave Hill Campus as a home away from home.


Entry Requirements

All entry requirements for the MSc. Banking and Finance can be found here Admissions & Fees

Programme Cost

USD $15,000.00

Programme Coordinator

Professor Justin Robinson