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MSc. Building and Construction Management

The Building and Construction Sector is one of the most important and dynamic sectors in the Caribbean. As the demands of the industry have become more complex as it relates to the intricacy of regulatory frameworks, technology and cost control requirements, the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management Inc. is offering a programme to address the shortage of construction managers. It is designed for individuals from building and construction and related public and private organisations who want to develop their expertise in the execution and management of a wide variety of construction projects.

New students are admitted to the programme at the beginning of each regular semester: September and January. Applications may be submitted directly online, in person or by mail on web-based application forms located at: www.cavehill.uwi.edu/gradstudies. Application deadline is 30 June 2020.
Be sure to submit all requested documentation, including a resume and a statement concerning your objectives in applying for this degree programme.

Full-time – 18 months; Part-time – maximum of 4 years.
The programme will be delivered in a fully online format. It also includes a Field-Based Practicum (Practical Project) or Internship plus a Research Project.

Programme Structure 

  1. Management in the Construction Industry Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
        (3 credits)
    · Accounting and Finance (3 credits)
    · Contemporary Industrial Relations Practices (3 credits)
    · Contract Management and Construction Law (3 credits)
  2. Technical Construction Management
    · Natural Hazards Management (4 credits)
    · Materials Technology (4 credits)
    · Project Initiation and Planning (3 credits)
    · Project Execution, Monitoring and Control (3 credits)
  3. Contemporary Issues Research
    · Research Methods (3 credits)
    · Research Project (6 credits)
  4. CAPSTONE (Applied) Project: Practicum or Internship (6 credits)
  5. Sample Workshop Topics
    · LEEDS Certification; Green Building
    · Innovative Design
    · Nature Design
    · Environmental Impact Analysis
    · Project Evaluation
    · PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Examination Prep.

Programme Aims


At an implementation level, the programme seeks to enhance the quality, sustainability, safety, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of projects undertaken in the Caribbean by its graduates. The
objectives of the programme are to equip participants to:


  • broaden their knowledge, interpersonal, and technical skills in managing people, resources, equipment
    and materials, schedules, budgets, stakeholders, financial and project risk and uncertainty;
  • address contemporary issues in building such as environmental impact, natural hazards, safety, ethics
    and the regulatory environment;
  • carry out both field and research-based projects in which their ability to frame and solve problems,
    develop strategies and recommendations, lead teams, communicate effectively on all levels will be
    demonstrated in real time and applicable to future situations; and
  •  to represent the Caribbean construction professional as a proactive lifelong learner and subject matter expert.

Entry Requirements and Programme Cost

All costs for the MSc. Building and Construction Management can be found here Admissions & Fees

Payment Schedule


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