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Executive Diploma in Management – General Management

The Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management Inc. offers the Executive Diploma in General Management as an accessible way for professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in their field. Participants learn from academics and experienced professionals so that they can build a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in managing an organization holistically or in managing the largest asset of any institution, its people. Our graduates perform at the highest levels in organisations, formulating strategic visions, effectively managing resources and practicing sound decision making to ensure the achievement of mission, vision and objectives.

Focusing significantly on developing your individual ability, this programme provides an introduction to key aspects of General Management where participants can learn from the experiences of both academics and industry practitioners. The primary objective of the EDM-GM programme is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that can be readily applied to their daily activities to enhance the effectiveness on the job. It is also designed to ensure that you are able to expand your management capacity by helping you to:

  • Develop a broad foundation of skills and knowledge across the major business disciplines
  • Demonstrate analytical and evaluative skills to aid in management decision making
  • Gain a complex understanding of the integrative nature of business
  • Appreciate the strategic perspective of the organization
  • Develop a critical appreciation of your personal development.
  • Increase your performance as well as that of others.
  • Develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Caribbean business environment.

Programme Duration

18 months

List of courses to be completed:

  • Organisational Behaviour and Management
  • Management Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
  • Caribbean Business Environment
  • Marketing Management
  • Productions and Operations Management
  • Business Policy and Strategy

An applicant must have either:

1. A UWI Certificate in Business Administration or Public Administration , A two-year diploma from a UWI recognised institution in a related field, 5 CXCs (or O’levels) and a minimum of 2 years junior to middle level management experience;
2. An Associate Degree from a UWI recognised institution and a minimum of two years junior to middle level management experience;
3. At least 5 CXCs (or O’levels) and a minimum of four years middle to senior level management experience.

Complete the online application process via the Undergraduate Admissions page on the University’s website: www.cavehill.uwi.edu/admissions/undergraduate.aspx.

Submit the following certified documents to Student Affairs – Admission: admissions@cavehill.uwi.edu

  • Birth Certificate;
  • Academic Certificates;
  • Marriage Certificate/Change of Name Certificate;
  • Up-to-date CV/Resume; and
  • Receipt for the Application fee of BDS$30 or US$15 (to be paid to the Campus Bursary). – Only BDS$30 for UWI Contributing countries otherwise it is BDS$60 or US$30.

Original documents are to be certified by a Notary Public or a University of the West Indies authorised official.

Official transcripts should be sent directly to Students Affairs – Admissions, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus from the issuing university.

Programme Cost

$3,400.00 USD

Payable to The Cave Hill School of Business as:

  1. a one-time payment at the beginning of the programme
  2. in installments according to the payment schedule; or
  3. a customised payment plan

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Contact Person:

Ms. Wanda Monrose


wanda.monrose@cavehill.uwi.edu or chsb@cavehill.uwi.edu