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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for Degreed Applicants

i. A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a university or college acceptable to the University of the West Indies, with at least second-class honours.

• Students are expected to have a good grounding in a business subject such as management, marketing, finance, or economics.

• Students with pass degrees will be considered on the following conditions:
      -they are currently working in a business or management related field, and;

       -they are successful at an interview conducted by the entrance committee within the Department.

ii. Three (3) years post degree work experience.

iii. The ability to commit themselves to a rigorous 16 months for the Accelerated programme or 24 months for the Regular programme.

iv. An interview with the entrance committee within the Department.

Entry Requirements for Non-Degreed Applicants

For individuals working in the private sector who have a desire to obtain advance training in Business and Management, the Department is considering opening its doors to a restricted number of these individuals. It is expected that the number of students entering the programme through this route would be highly restricted and should represent no more than 25 percent of the cohort in any given year. Students entering through this route will be required to undertake a preliminary year of study. The entry criteria for these students would therefore be:

i. Technical certificates or diplomas that can be assessed by the University of the West Indies.

ii. Five years’ experience in a business or management related field at a Supervisory or higher level.

iii. They are successful at an interview conducted by a selected panel determined by the Campus Committee on Graduate Studies and the Cave Hill School of Business and Management.

iv. Two strong letters of recommendation.

 *Application fee of BDS$30.00 or USD$15.00 (to be paid to the Campus Bursary)

Programme Cost:

$16,000.00 USD or $32,000.00 BDS

Payable to The Cave Hill School of Business as:

1. a one-time payment at the beginning of the programme 

2. in installments according to the payment schedule; or 

3. a customised payment plan

Programme Fee and University Registration fees are subject to change.

Students enrolled in this self-financed programme are billed for the courses for which they register each semester. University fees are additional to the programme fees and are billed every semester until the degree has been awarded.