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Executive Diploma in Management – Marketing and Sales

The Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management Inc. offers an Executive Diploma in Marketing and Sales that is designed provide the knowledge and skills that every  professional needs to be successful. Whether in the field or not, the art of selling and marketing is an important tool in the kit of every successful manager.

Entrance to the programme is open to employees in a corporation or non-profit organization, and to entrepreneurs in a brick and mortar or an internet-based business. Participants learn about management functions, the fundamentals of marketing and sales, ethical boundaries in marketing
research, predicting consumer behavior and the technologies used in executing sales and marketing functions.

This is a virtual learning programme with live and interactive sessions. There will also be some sessions offered in an asynchronous format. Each of the seven courses runs for twelve weeks. 

The purpose of this programme is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to execute marketing and sales functions in an enterprise, a non-profit organization or as an entrepreneur in a bricks and mortar or an internet based business.

The world wide web, computers and other smart devices have revolutionized consumer behaviour and psychology. It is important that marketing and sales personnel engage, listen and keep abreast of these changes in consumer attitudes and market driving power by ensuring that they understand, develop and maintain a competitive advantage by adapting the fundamental principles of marketing to the 21st century. Social networking has created virtual communities and movements where the buyer has greater influence in the type of goods and services that appear on the market. The mass markets of yesteryear have splintered into smaller market segments or niches and a programme such as this also assists businesses that have a physical presence to transition or create a high visibility presence online as well as adopt a multicultural persona that is attractive to online buyers.

List of courses to be completed: 

  • Organisataional Behaviour and Management
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Professional Sales
  • Practicum

Entry Requirements and Programme Costs

All entry requirements for the EDMS can be found here Admissions & Fees


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