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Juliet Hines

Juliet Hines, Director – Associated Engineering Services Ltd

There are two aspects to consider when attempting to quantify what benefits I have derived from the EDM and now the EMBA.  Before we consider this, however, I must state the fact that calculating what I have learned is really quite impossible since I’ve forgotten how little I knew.  The two aspects are that of education and then education within the framework of the Cave Hill School of Business.  First, education provides you with innumerable benefits; the ability to recognise what is happening within your organisation and country and to be equipped to positively effect change, the fact that you now know what the economists are talking about on BBC world, the capacity to be able to provide valuable input into your childrens’ university level projects, the fact that now your are more marketable, etc. 

I am absolutely positive that the EDM was the catalyst to a future lifetime of learning.  Secondly, the aspect of being able to pursue education, together with peers, through a distinguished, experienced and hardworking organisation.  I will always be grateful to those whose concept it was to provide excellent, affordable and easily accessible education and, of course, to those whose difficult job it is to implement the concept.  The staff of the Cave Hill School of Business are efficient, approachable and determined to hold us responsible for achieving the required standards.  The materials provided and facilitators chosen clearly indicate a commitment to the highest standards and it is always with a sense of anticipation that I open the next textbook or logon to the next course.