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Miriam Requena

Miriam Requena, Administrator – Belize Social Security Board

My name is Miriam Cervantes Requena and I am a graduate of CHSB, Barbados .  I am a member of Cohort 3 of the Executive Diploma in Management (EDM) programme.  CHSB proved that they are indeed “a catalyst for business growth through the development of intellectual and human capital.”  After being away from the classroom for so many years, CHSB and its team of professionals were able to help me refine and upgrade my skills; skills that I believed were dormant for too long, even non-existent.


The programme contained an organized and rigid curriculum that had to be met at the end of one year.  Amidst the hard work and dedication of the team members, the programme proved to be beneficial to each of us as individuals and even to our organizations that benefit from our skills.  This programme helped me become a better person with stronger leadership qualities.  I became better prepared to lead and motivate my staff, and prepare them for future upward mobility.  CHSB through the EDM programme helped me achieve a level of success that I thought would never be possible, after so many years, in a modern competitive business world.

I can safely say that I recommend the Executive Diploma in Management (EDM) programme from CHSB, to any who has been out of the classroom and feels the need to better hone their managerial skills.  If the opportunity should become available, I would most definitely participate in other programmes that CHSB offers.