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Raju Boddu

The Executive Masters Programme in Business Administration offered byCaveHillSchool of Business (CHSB) of the University of the West Indies turned out to be of immense value for my professional and academic development. The programme’s curriculum is thoughtfully structured to accommodate the regional and global issues and the challenges that business executives, managers and administrators face in real life work environments. Whilst the research component of each course makes the student to learn the critical concepts in full depth before applying them to a problem situation, the interactive sessions among the group members provide a platform where ideas are freely exchanged and knowledge is effectively shared. The contemporaneous relevance of the programme to business, government and society was the hallmark of a comprehensive learning experience.

The programme helped me to update my knowledge and hone my skills whilst giving me a whole new global perspective of business and administrative issues. It was also of great value to my organization in terms of the application of new concepts of managing government business for effective and efficient outcomes. I would strongly recommend anybody who is desirous of empowering himself or herself with genuine knowledge and skills in the area of businessadministration to join the EMBA programme. I will not hesitate to join the CHSB’s other programmes for my further professional development in the future.