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General Questions

Q: When do the programmes commence?


Q: How long is the programme?

Minimum one (1) year. Maximum three (3) years

Q: Where can queries be directed?

pamela.eversley@cavehill.uwi.edu or chsb@cavehill.uwi.edu

Q: How are SCHSBM Online courses delivered?

The courses are asynchronously and synchronously delivered.  Meaning there is forum activity and live sessions.

Q: Do I need to come to campus to participate in SCHSBM Online Programmes?

No, our programmes are conducted fully on line and facilitates virtual face-to-face activity.  There is peer to peer and peer to facilitator contact.

Q: Do I need to log in to a SCHSBM Online course at certain times?

At times, yes. Other times, no. Most of the activity is asynchronous which allows the learner to choose time to be on line in accordance with schedules and deadlines. When there is a live session, learners are expected to attend in order to participate.  Live sessions are recorded.  Group activity is coordinated by the groups and may be synchronous and or asynchronous. 

Q: How do I choose which course is right for me?

Each programme provides you with detailed information which allows you to choose the course of study that is suitable for you. If in doubt seek an appointment with the Academic Programme Director or the Executive Director.

Q: Are SCHSBM Online programmes available in languages other than English? 


Q: Can I work ahead of the course pace?

This is not recommended.  The intensity of each course presents a demanding schedule for learners. The recommended course registration is two courses per semester.

Q: Will I need to purchase additional materials?

Yes.  For every course there is at least one (1) required text.  Other texts are recommended and there is direction to journal articles. When a programme of study is selected, reading material information will be made available.


Technical Questions

 Q: How do I access a SCHSBM Online course?

Registered students will be provided with log-in credentials and guidance for accessing the platform.  Javascript is required.  Computer with microphone and camera required.



Q: What are the entry requirements for the Masters programme? 

Please visit the Admissions & Fees tab to access this information.

Q: While taking a SCHSBM Online course will I have on campus privileges? 

SCHSBM participants have access to library facilities virtually and face-to-face. Graduate students have access to the Graduate Studies study facilities (by appointment).   

Q: Is the application fee refundable if I withdraw my application? 

There is a non-refundable deposit to be paid on acceptance into the programme.  In the case of withdrawal owing to ill health with proof of same, a refund less administrative charges would be considered.  Each case is taken on merit.

 Q: I have applied for a graduate programme, how do I know the status of my application. Whom do I contact? 

The Graduate Studies Section of the Cave Hill Campus will respond with directions for the next necessary steps.


Cost and Financial Assistance

Q: What is included in the Programme Fee? 

The programme fee covers tuition, examinations, assignments learning platform and learning materials.

 Q: What are my payment options?

There is an established payment schedule.  SCHSBM engages in personalized payment plans upon request.

Q: What are the policy for refund and deferrals?

 Conditions for refund vary and are provided in the Reference Guide provided to registered students.  Deferrals and withdrawals follow a process also detailed in the Reference Guide.

Programmes Cost in USD
MSc. Labour and Employment Relations $15,000.00
MSc. Tourism and Hospitality Management $15,000.00
MSc. Investment and Wealth Management $15,000.00
MSc. Building and Construction Management $15,000.00
MSc. Banking and Finance $15,000.00
MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management $15,000.00