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Mid-Level Leadership Development

Programme Overview

Research shows that six key skills are needed for mid-level leaders to thrive: influence, communication, systematic thinking and action, self-awareness, learning agility and resilience. Level up with The SCHSBM’s Mid-level Leadership Development programme, strategically designed to help mid-level managers embody these attributes and to develop key leadership skills in coaching, effective team management, strategic decision-making and strategy execution, conflict management, and change management. This impactful leadership journey will expand your ability to think and act strategically and it will enable you to return to the demands of your role with the confidence and business skills needed to become effective leader within your organisation. Develop greater self-awareness as a leader while preparing for the challenges of mid-level management with this highly-applicable leadership development programme.

The goals of the programme are to:

  • Empower mid-level managers to become transformational managers.
  • Shape delegates’ understanding of organisational culture, leadership styles, team
    dynamics and change management.
  • Actively develop mid-level managers’ capabilities to communicate with influence and
    in a manner that is engaging and empowering.
  • Facilitate managers’ application of best-practise tools to increase organisatonal
  • Help delegates to strengthen their organisation’s leadership pipeline.

On successful completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Assess the dynamics of managing in the middle.
  • Manage employees with an enterprise mindset.
  • Apply effective coaching skills and techniques to various people management
    scenarios to drive peak employee performance.
  • Develop insights on how to operate effectively with a team.
  • Apply effective techniques for managing challenging conversations.
  • Respond to complex business challenges and make informed managerial decisions.
  • Apply effective negotiation tactics to win buy-in for projects and initiatives.
  • Address opportunities for improvement in their organisation.

Programme Schedule

Day 1

o Gaining insights into the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Leadership Style
o Reputation Management
o Leading with Emotional Intelligence

o Leading with Agility and Flexibility
o Value-based Decision Making
o Creating an Action Plan for Ongoing Development

Day 2


o Communicating with Influence
o Effective Coaching Skills for Managers


o Managing Difficult Conversations
o Providing Effective Feedback and Criticism

Day 3


o Managing Effective Teams
o Performance Management


o Process Improvement
o Valuing Diversity and Managing across Differences

Day 4

Morning & Afternoon

o Building Collaborative Relationships
o Conflict/ Dispute Management
o Mechanics of Negotiations

Day 5


o Manager’s Role in Business Strategy
 Strategy Formulation
 Strategy Implementation
o Executing Strategy


o Tools and Techniques for Leading Innovation

o Tools, Techniques and Strategies involved in Leading and Managing Change

o Making Change Sustainable

Programme Details

Programme Title: Mid-Level Leadership Development

Programme Coordinator: Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management

Cost of Programme:
• US $1,700.00 – Regular fee
• US $1,500.00 – Virtual fee

Programme Date: May 8th-12th, 2023

Location: SCHSBM, Barbados

Modality: In-person/ Virtual

Certificate Awarded: Certificate of Completion

Who should attend:
♦ Mid-to-senior level managers from across diverse sectors and industries
♦ New managers, supervisors, team leaders and project leaders who have recently
transitioned into their role
♦ High-potential professionals identified for greater leadership roles
♦ Strategic and Cross-functional leaders
♦ Individuals managing teams with operational, business unit or line responsibilities

Benefits for the individual:
♦ Learn how to lead yourself, others and within an organisational system.
♦ Prime yourself for new levels of success-oriented thinking.
♦ Learn how to manage inclusively.
♦ Discover the importance of resiliency in the management of uncertainty and
organisational challenges.

Benefits for the organisation:
♦ Organisations will directly benefit from the increase in their mid-level managers’
operational efficiency and the resulting increase in staff engagement.
♦ The organisation will be better able to resolve operational issues as middle managers
are more aware of these issues due to their proximity to operations and are better able
to implement productivity improvements.

Mid-Level Leadership: In-Person

Mid-Level Leadership: Virtual