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MSc. Banking and Finance

Entry Requirements for Degreed Applicants

i. A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a university or college acceptable to the University of the West Indies, with at least second-class honours.

• Students are expected to have a good grounding in a business subject such as management, marketing, finance, or economics.

• Students with pass degrees will be considered on the following conditions:
      -they are currently working in a the field of banking and finance;

       -they are successful at an interview conducted by the entrance committee within the Department.

ii. Two letters of recommendation

Entry Requirements for Non-Degreed Applicants

This programme is designed to provide advanced qualifications for persons who have significant experience in banking and finance. The entry criteria for these students would therefore be:

i. Technical certificates or diplomas that can be assessed by the University of the West Indies.

ii. Five years’ experience in banking or finance at a level of responsibility.

iii. They are successful at an interview conducted by a selected panel determined by the Campus Committee on Graduate Studies and the Cave Hill School of Business and Management.

iv. Two strong letters of recommendation.


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