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Personal and Professional Development Courses



The SCHSBM’s Personal and Professional Development workshops are designed to help participants build self-awareness using a systematic approach.  These sessions help individuals and organizations develop better skills in problem solving, and inspire collaboration among their team members.

 Executives may choose to make these sessions available to their employees on a group or individual basis.  Typically, the workshops allow employees to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and when taken as a group, enables employees to better understand their colleagues and the behaviours they display.

These initiatives can be completed as a complete package or as individual sessions depending on interest and need. 


 Psychometric assessments are utilized. These are an integral aspect of the MBTI and EQI courses in assessing where the participant is, and providing a baseline from which to start the development process.   


Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI has a wide range of applications that promote personal and professional growth and development, and provides a picture of a person’s personality based on preferences.  In understanding characteristics unique to each personality type, helps a person to gain insight into how they can influence their way of communication and interaction with others.  Further, it helps persons improve relationships and team building, enhance communication skills, increase productivity and identify leadership characteristics.

The MBTI also examines differences in a positive, non-threatening way, providing an objective means for addressing sensitive issues.  It serves to heighten the individual’s awareness of self and will provide a foundation for greater awareness of others.



 Completing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment

  • Completing an MBTI Feedback session that provides
    1. Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    2. Explanation of the concept of preferences
    3. Feedback on personality types
    4. Preferred communication traits
    5. Strategies to use preference information to improve performance 



Emotional Intelligence

The EQI is an analysis which gives feedback on how a person perceives their own emotions in varying situations.  The term “emotional intelligence” has been used by many researchers to describe a form of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor feelings and emotions (in themselves and others) and to use this information to guide their thoughts and actions.  “Emotional Intelligence” is essentially the non-cognitive capacity to create positive outcomes in their relationships with others and themselves.  “Emotional Effectiveness” refers to specific skills, habits and attitudes – the personal and social skills that lead to superior performance.

 By developing or enhancing these skills, persons can significantly improve their capacity for personal and professional success.  Extensive research on the subject has determined that those who exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence tend to be more fulfilled and productive than others, in every area of their lives: personal, professional, and family.



  • Completion of the EQI 2.0 Assessment
  • Completion of a Feedback Session to address:
    1. Introduction to the concept of Emotional Intelligence
    2. Strategies to unleash social confidence
    3. Developing a mental framework to manage emotions
    4. Using information provided to improve interpersonal relationships.


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Team building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team, to meet the needs of customers by accomplishing defined purpose and goals. This course helps participants to explore how to build, support and lead more effective teams within organizations.


  •  Stages of team development
  • Characteristics and attributes of effective teams
  • Leveraging individual strengths and differences for team success
  • Developing a culture of teamwork



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For payment options  click this link and download the credit card authorisation: https://www.uwichsb.org/admissions-and-fees/financial-assistance/

Personal Development Coaching

The emphasis of this encounter is the unlocking of individual potential through personal development coaching.  It focuses on increasing self-awareness, identifying life goals, personal challenges, career development steps and long-standing aspirations.

 Personal development coaching aims to evaluate these life changes, while assessing strengths and weaknesses, so as to improve specific areas in an individual’s life. Just as athletes enlist coaches to train and support them in their sporting goals, a personal development coach supports, encourages and teaches expert techniques to engender ease and confidence in desired life changes.  A coach will help to chart the path on that journey. Individual and group coaching sessions are offered, and schedules will be tailored to individual needs.


DURATION: To be determined by organization and/or individual’s progress.


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For payment options  click this link and download the credit card authorisation: https://www.uwichsb.org/admissions-and-fees/financial-assistance/

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