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People Analytics

Programme Overview

More than 70% of organisations consider people analytics to be a high priority. Redefine the HR function within your organisation with the SCHSBM’s People Analytics programme. Learn how to employ intuition, people data and analytics to drive business decisions and how to apply data strategically in your organisation. This highly interactive and practical programme will help you to develop a balanced set of people analytics skills and capabilities including organisational psychology skills, effective data visualisation and storytelling skills to compel action, statistical skills, and you will learn how to turn data insights into actionable outcomes. Whether you are new to people analytics or have some experience in the field, you will leave this programme with a practical understanding of people analytics and a plan of action on how to tackle HR business challenges within your organisation. 

The goals of the programme are to:

  • Demonstrate how to capture and leverage people data within your organisation.
  • Increase the competency level of HR professionals in the use of people analytics.
  • Enhance your ability to make objective, data-driven people decisions within your
  • Derive powerful data-driven insights from industry practitioners in the field of people

On successful completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Discuss the frameworks and practices that enable HR professionals to leverage human
    capital more effectively.
  • Apply empirically driven strategies for effectively hiring and assessing employees.
  • Identify problems within your organisation that can be addressed through people
  • Map the solution to an HR problem using data analytics from the collection of the
    data to the analysis of the data, to the plan of action.
  • Identify talent strengths and risks that contribute to or hinder the achievement of
    organisational goals using data analytics.
  • Use data-driven insights to address HR-related challenges.

Programme Schedule

Day 1 (Click Here To Expand)

o People Analytics: The Role of HR
o Understanding HR Indicators, Metrics and Data
o Using People Data to make Smart Decisions

o How to Measure HR’s Value Added
o Data Analytics Tools and Terminologies

Day 2 (Click Here To Expand)


o Using Data to Retain Talent
o Human Capital Management Data Analysis Using Excel
o Staffing, Supply and Demand Forecasting


o Using Data to Uncover Hidden Biases: Gender, Diversity and Hiring
o Performance Assessment
o Analytics and Compensation

Day 3 (Click Here To Expand)

o Data Collection, Tracking and Entry
o Statistical Analysis for HR
o Predictive Analytics: Leading Indicators and Intangible Metrics

o Predictive Models for People Analytics
o Data Visualisation for Human Capital Management
o Revealing Insights and Storytelling with Data
o Translating HR Insights into Actionable Business Decisions

Programme Details

Programme Title: People Analytics

Programme Coordinator: Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management

Cost of Programme:
• US $2,000.00 – Regular fee (In-person)
• US $1,800.00 – Early bird (In-person fee)
• US $1,800.00 – Virtual fee
• US $1,700.00 – Early bird (Virtual fee)

Early Bird Deadline: 31st March 2023

Programme Date: May 17 th – 19th, 2023

Location: SCHSBM, Barbados

Modality: In-person/ Virtual

Certificate Awarded: Certificate of Completion

Who should attend:
♦ HR Directors and Chief Personnel Officers
♦ HR Analysts
♦ HR Managers and HR Specialists
♦ Experienced HR Professionals and Practitioners
♦ General Managers

Technical Requirements:
♦ Laptop or Desktop
♦ Microsoft Office
♦ Access to a webcam is preferred but optional

People Analytics: In-person

People Analytics: Virtual